Ribbon Underfloor Heating The true AHT ribbon underfloor heating system manufactured using the revolutionary Amorphous metal technology. Allbrite are the only importer and distributor of the AHT flat ribbon underfloor heating. The AHT ribbon underfloor heating system has a 15 year manufacturer warranty as where other crystalline ribbon heating systems only carry a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Is it energy economical to run ? The AHT flat ribbon system is the original ribbon underfloor heating that has been distributed successfully for over 10 years. Allbrite are the Only distributors in the UK and hold the Trademark for AHT. The flat ribbon heating has many benefits compared to standard underfloor heating. The Benefits;-
  • Can fit onto any sub floor
  • Can fit directly under any flooring including carpet
  • Heats to optimum temperature within 3 minutes
  • Minimal floor height build up (1.8mm ribbon)
  • The ribbons are wider and closer together giving better coverage (see the difference)
  • No need for screeds or additional sub floor preparation.
  • Massive saving on bills compared to standard heating.
  • Full 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Allbrite offer a free planning and design service where you can provide us with plans, sketches or accurate dimensions noting the floor covering you are going to install and we will do the rest for you. By return you will get a full quotation based on all the items you need for a successful installation of the Allbrite underfloor heating system.