Under Wood Heating

The beauty of our electric ribbon underfloor heating system is not only the incredibly quick warm up time but how slim the system is. It will fit comfortably underneath a wood, engineered board or laminate floor with minimal impact on your floor heights - A typical loose cable or cable mat system is twice as thick as our ribbon mat system. You will also notice that the heating cables are spaced much further apart than our system - therefore giving you less overall coverage - meaning that the cable system has to work harder to produce the same amount of heat. We can confidently say that you will notice the warmth in a wood or laminate floor from our system in under 5 minutes - compared to up to 30 minutes in other types of systems, again this means that our system doesn't have to be on for as long - making it more economical to run. You can also use our system in wet areas such as bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens in conjunction with wood or laminate floor - just make sure you include our grounding kit. Special Notes: While underfloor heating is in operation it is important that no thermal barriers are placed over the top of the heating elements, thermal barriers include boxes of books or paper, bean bags, heavy rugs, large quantities of bedding or high tog quilts. If you are unsure as to what can be placed over the underfloor heating please contact your vendor. Please remember heating mats cannot be cut, bent or overlapped, please see sizing chart and planning for full details.