Why Use Ribbon

Example As you can see from the pictures our ribbons are very wide and a lot closer together than that of the copper cable or water systems. As our ribbons are wider and closer together we achieve a massive floor area coverage, due to this the underfloor heating elements do not need to heat up to high temperatures to provide a primary heat source. Our ribbons only need to heat up to 28 Degrees C to be a primary heat, as the temperature is so low it can be fitted DIRECTLY under any floor covering including carpet and vinyl. Because it fits directly under ALL floor coverings it has a far quicker response than those systems that have to be buried in screed. Fitting of the flat ribbon underfloor heatingsystem is more cost effective because there is no need for sub floor preparation or specialist screeds. Our ribbon underfloor heating system is slim-line and therefore will not increase your floor heights as much as other systems.  
Why Ribbon underfloor Heating ?