Vinyl Underfloor Heating

When installing underfloor heating with vinyl floors it is important that you use a low temperature underfloor heating that will not exceed 28 degrees C.The flat ribbon underfloor heating is the favoured choice for Allbrite however thecarbon underfloor heating system is very effective in this type of installation.The flat ribbon underfloor heating is suitable for all areas, the carbon film cannot be installed in bathrooms or kitchens.
There is two installation methods when using the flat ribbon system with vinyl floors,
  • Using a latex level compound over the top to give a smooth flat finish
  • Using heat-pak overlay board to give a smooth flat finish
Allbrite recommends the second option as it is more cost effective and less labour intensive which also keeps the installation cost to a minimum. When installing vinyl with the carbon film underfloor heating system you mustuse heat-pak overboards over the top of the heating elements before laying your vinyl floor.