Tile Underfloor Heating

Allbrite’s electric ribbon underfloor heating system is extremely versatile in that it works under pretty much every floor type, including under tiles, regardless of whether they are in the kitchen, bathroom or other room in the house. If your flooring is already in place, our system can also be retrofitted so it really is a versatile form of heating. The benefits don’t end at its versatility either! The electric ribbon matting that is used is really thin which makes it ideal for fitting underneath all of those various floor types. It’s so slim it’s highly unlikely to make much difference to the overall floor height. In comparison, most cable heating systems are much thicker. The quick warm up time and the greater overall coverage are further plus points for the Allbrite amorphous ribbon underfloor heating system. So, how does the underfloor heating work under tiles? The thermal mass and level of thermal conductivity that are present in tiled or stone floors mean they work really efficiently with an underfloor heating system. The heat is not only radiated speedily but heat retention is also a plus point. With other heating systems, tiled flooring can be very cold underfoot and people often compensate by hiding their lovely tiles with rugs and mats. With Allbrite’s ribbon mat heating system, there will be no need for this as the floor is warmed up nicely with great, even coverage.