Carpet Underfloor Heating

Our ribbon electric underfloor heating is the only underfloor heating system that will work directly under a carpet and still functions as a primary heat source - therefore no need for radiators. Our carpet underfloor heating is easy to install and the end result is a wonderfully warm floor. The only consideration to take into account is the total overall tog rating of your finished floor - that is both the carpet underlay and the carpet itself - this tog rating should be no more than 2.5. We can supply the low tog underlay that is approved for use with our underfloor heating mat. Our system has been approved for use under many of the main manufacturer's carpets, such as Brintons, Ulster and Cavalier. Not only has Allbrite underfloor heating been installed all across Jersey but Allbrite underfloor heating has been supplied and installed in thousands of underfloor heating systems all over the UK. There are severval advantages of installing our heating system under your floor;
  • a warm floor will reduce humidity levels and in turn reducing dust mites
  • reduction in air flow and dust
  • no need for radiators or another heat source
  • if you do damage the heating mat it is repairable - no need to replace the whole mat!
1 Low tog carpet (4-10mm) 2 Low tog carpet underlay (5mm) 3 Flat ribbon underfloor heating mats (2mm) 4 Therm-all insulation mats (6mm) 5 Concrete / Wood sub-floor Floor Preparation. When installing carpet underfloor heating there is very little floor preperation needed, simply ensure the floor is free from dust and debris. It is recommended that the floor surface is flat and smooth before installing (see floor levels). Installation Steps
  • Roll out your 6mm therm-all insulation and cut so it covers the whole floor
  • Place the carpet gripper rods around the edges of the room leaving a 7-12mm gap from the wall.
  • Lay you ribbon underfloor heating mats on the insulation between the gripper rods.
  • Use double sided tape on mats to stick the underfloor heating mats to the insulation
  • Where required use additional high adhesive tape to ensure the heating mats are secured.
  • Route the cold leads (live & neutral) to a junction box just above skirting board level
  • Check the resistance of the heating elements matches with the resistance chart in installation manual
  • Connect the cold leads using the revolutionary 5 lever quick connectors (more..)
  • Lay your low tog underlay over the underfloor heating elements
  • Lay your low tog carpet.
  • See Electrical section for setting up electrics.
  • Sit back and enjoy.
Carpet underfloor heating using AHT ribbon heating